Hardware & Firmware

In addition to working on interaction design and software development, I also develop hardware and firmware. This includes everything from using off-the-shelf components for rapid prototyping to designing custom PCB boards to developing firmware for existing Bluetooth platforms. I have worked on various engagements that required these skills including Pie Tops II for Pizza Hut, health-care startup Inspiren, security company React Mobile, a biometric shopping cart for BCBS and custom MicroPython firmware for the Newlab IoT board which complimented a workshop intensive for GE executives.

Image descriptions generated by OpenAI's GPT-4.

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GPT-4, the latest language model from OpenAI, is capable of describing images. This technology has the potential to make content more accessible. Check out how AI describes images below with minimal prompts. I only asked the algorithm to move past its limitations in describing humans by emphasizing the purpose was to aid the visually impaired.

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The image portrays a workspace. At the center, an individual with blue hair is seated, looking at a handheld tablet mounted on an adjustable stand. The tablet displays some graphical interface. The individual is also surrounded by multiple computer monitors. The largest monitor to the right showcases green text on a black background, reminiscent of a code terminal or command line interface. There's another monitor beside it displaying a circular graphical interface. On the desk, various items can be spotted, such as a mouse, a keyboard, electronic devices, and wires. Behind the individual, there's a white wall with storage shelves and some items hanging. The overall setting gives the impression of a technologically advanced or tech enthusiast's workspace.

The image provides a close-up view of a breadboard setup commonly used in electronics. Several colored wires, in hues of yellow, green, blue, black, and white, are connected to various points on the breadboard. A clear LED (light-emitting diode) is prominently seen in the foreground. Beyond the breadboard, the background reveals a tech-laden workspace: a monitor displaying code or data in green text, electronic equipment with multiple knobs and buttons, and an assortment of electronic components scattered around. The scene evokes a hands-on experimental or development setting in electronics.

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The image showcases a close-up of an arm extending out towards the foreground. The individual is wearing a digital wristwatch and is holding a small electronic component with several wires attached to it. The component appears to be a type of sensor or connector. In the background, there's a computer monitor displaying green terminal text. On the desk, in the background, we see some electronics-related items, including a small board with electronic components mounted on it, a computer mouse, and other miscellaneous wires.

The image depicts an indoor workspace that appears to be focused on technology and electronics. Here's a more detailed breakdown:

  • Foreground: A person wearing a black shirt and a cap is adjusting a camera mounted on a tripod. Next to this individual, there's a white chair. The chair is sleek in design, looking contemporary.
  • Middle ground: To the right of the camera operator, there's another person with blue-colored hair, facing away from the camera. This individual is interacting with some electronic equipment on a table. The equipment looks similar to what was shown in the previous images, suggesting that they might be documenting the project previously mentioned.
  • Background: The room is filled with various items that indicate a tech-centric workspace. There are shelves against the wall, filled with small plastic storage boxes, likely for electronic components. Above these shelves, there are a series of light fixtures, as well as an air conditioning unit. There are multiple computer monitors displaying various forms of data and interfaces. The walls of the room seem to be white, and there's a reflective floor.

The ambiance of the room suggests a blend of modern electronics lab and a studio set-up, emphasizing the documentation process of a technological project. The setting appears professional, with a focus on detailed work and documentation.

This image showcases a close-up view of an oscilloscope, specifically the "RIGOL DS1054Z UltraVision" model.

From the left side:

  • The left side of the oscilloscope displays various control buttons such as "Menu" and below it are settings for "Horizontal", "Period", "Freq" (Frequency), "Rise Time", "Fall Time", "Width", and a few others. There are measurements visible, like "Rate=3.96MHz" and "Duty=76.87%".
  • The screen of the oscilloscope is prominently shown, displaying a waveform pattern that has a series of green peaks and valleys. The pattern suggests the waveform is periodic. Some of the visible readings on the screen include "TD 1.0000s/div", "Horizontal 20.00us", and a frequency notation of "1.5Hz".

Moving to the right side:

  • The right side features a collection of buttons, dials, and ports. A couple of buttons are highlighted in green, and one reads "Help".
  • There's an attached pen-like instrument that is positioned in a holder, and right below it is a pale, circular object (perhaps a stand or a weight).
  • Further to the right, a coiled metal object (resembling a soldering iron holder) is visible.
  • On the bottom-most section, you can see a portion of the desk with a grid pattern, and to the right of the oscilloscope, there's a small, dark sponge or holder.

The image provides a detailed view of the oscilloscope and its surrounding environment, suggesting a technical workspace or a lab setup.

The image captures a cluttered workspace. In the background, the familiar "RIGOL" oscilloscope is present, though the focus is shifted to the front elements.

Foremost, the image displays multiple red PCB (Printed Circuit Board) boards laid out on a dark, grid-patterned surface. These PCBs are roughly apple-shaped and have various components mounted on them. Each PCB has a combination of metallic connectors, white regions possibly denoting circuit pathways, and small black components.

Adjacent to the PCBs, there's a sleek, silver pen-like soldering tool, positioned atop the workspace. Behind the soldering tool, you can discern a black fabric pouch with a couple of items peeking out, which appear to be tools or supplies. To the left, a portion of a box with a blue label reading "E" is visible.

Overall, the image portrays a busy electronics workbench with the red PCBs being the main highlight.

The image offers a candid glimpse into a modern tech setting. Foregrounded is a dark-colored tabletop illuminated with red glowing elements, possibly LED indicators, from what seems to be electronic devices or components.

To the left, there's a large black box with its lid open, revealing an empty interior. Just adjacent to it stands a unique, translucent human-like figurine emanating a soft glow, suggesting it might be backlit or internally illuminated.

Further to the right lies a white smartphone, displaying its screen turned off or in sleep mode. Close by, a rectangular electronic device, possibly a power bank or a hard drive, rests on the table. A few connecting wires trail away from it, signifying it's connected to other devices or components.

Most dominantly, a laptop screen occupies the right side of the frame. The laptop has the label "NEWLAB" on its lower bezel. Its screen showcases an open terminal window with various commands and text outputs. Given the context, it's conceivable that the user is programming or debugging something.

In the extreme right, only partially visible, is a person's hand resting on the laptop's trackpad, denoting active engagement with the computer. This individual wears a wristwatch and a ring, providing subtle personal details.

The overall ambiance is a mix of technology, innovation, and research, indicating a scene from a lab or a tech workspace. The atmospheric lighting and the soft glow from the devices add a cinematic touch to the image.

The image captures a bustling and dynamic workspace, characteristic of a tech or design-oriented environment. It offers a mix of electronic gadgets, tools, and personal touches.

In the foreground, we see a woman with blonde hair engrossed in her work. She's using multiple screens — a laptop, a larger monitor, and an additional small screen, each showing distinct content. Her focused expression and posture indicate she's deeply involved in her task. She wears a sleeveless black top, revealing a bracelet on her right wrist, and has multiple electronic devices and tools spread out on her desk.

To the left, another large monitor is visible, showing lists and code, suggesting software development or some kind of data analysis. Below it, the desk is filled with electronic gadgets, papers, and wires, indicating a workspace filled with ongoing projects.

Further back, multiple individuals are engrossed in their tasks. Some appear to be collaborating, while others seem to be working independently. There are more screens, keyboards, and an abundance of cables running across the space.

On the same table as the lady, there's a potted plant, which offers a touch of greenery amidst the technological environment. Above, adjustable lamps are positioned strategically, ensuring proper lighting for detailed tasks.

The overall scene speaks of collaboration, innovation, and creative energy. The arrangement of the space, combined with the individual focus of its occupants, showcases a vibrant, modern-day workplace setting.