As an educator at SVA's MFA program in Interaction Design, I offer courses that explore the fascinating world of interaction logic, machine learning, and smart objects. In my Logic of Interaction class (Hello World), students learn to communicate with machines by mastering the fundamentals of Python, JavaScript, and C. By the end of the course, they have a solid grasp of software principles, best practices, and collaboration. In Smart Objects, through rapid prototyping, ideation, and fabrication techniques, we aim to create imaginative objects that are captivating and necessary and encourage an emotional connection. We focus on innovative interaction design, especially the implicit type, enabled by pervasive embedded computing.

Image descriptions generated by OpenAI's GPT-4.

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GPT-4, the latest language model from OpenAI, is capable of describing images. This technology has the potential to make content more accessible. Check out how AI describes images below with minimal prompts. I only asked the algorithm to move past its limitations in describing humans by emphasizing the purpose was to aid the visually impaired.

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A group of diverse students stands together in a well-lit indoor setting, smiling happily at the camera. They are standing in front of a large projector screen displaying the words 'Hello World' and 'Code Literacy'. The colors of the projected image are soft pastels, predominantly pink and teal. The students are dressed in casual attire, with some wearing glasses, hats, and scarves. In the foreground, there is a red podium labeled 'NEWLAB' with a laptop on top, showing the same projected image. Behind the group, there's a dark curtain, suggesting they might be on a stage or in an auditorium. The overall mood of the image is cheerful, suggesting a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among the students.

In an ambiently lit room, a group of individuals is gathered around tables, each focused on their laptops. The room is bathed in a soft, purple hue, emanating from pyramid-shaped lights placed on the tables. These lights add a futuristic touch to the setting. On the left side, a projector screen displays lines of code in green text. On the right side, a woman with blonde hair, dressed in black, stands attentively near a whiteboard, addressing the group or possibly guiding the session. The participants seem engaged in their tasks, with some discussing among themselves and others intently looking at their screens. In the foreground, a young man is captured adjusting his glasses while staring at his laptop, which displays a coding interface. Miscellaneous items like water bottles and notebooks are scattered on the tables. The overall atmosphere is one of concentration, collaboration, and learning.

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In a panoramic view of a softly lit room, multiple individuals are engrossed in their tasks around tables, each in front of their laptop screens. The room is dominated by a bluish-purple hue, primarily from pyramid-shaped illuminated objects placed on the tables. These ambient lights create a serene, futuristic ambiance.

The walls are almost entirely filled with scribbles, notes, diagrams, and stickies – evidence of brainstorming and collaboration. In one section of the room, a woman in a black outfit stands by a projector screen displaying a detailed code snippet. She seems to be presenting or guiding a discussion.

On the far left, a person wearing glasses is deeply concentrated, holding a drink and staring at their laptop. Nearby, a container holds stationery and other miscellaneous items.

Moving to the center, the main cluster of attendees can be seen. Some are discussing in pairs or small groups, while others are absorbed in their screens. One individual is reviewing a printed document.

On the far right, a few more individuals are seen seated at tables. One, with long hair, appears to be momentarily distracted, looking up and away from their screen. Another person, closer to the front, seems engrossed in their task with headphones on.

The scene is one of dedicated work, collaboration, and immersive learning.