Area of Effect

I co-founded Area of Effect, a technology design and development company specializing in combining the digital and physical worlds. We built various projects such as interactive art exhibitions, intelligent healthcare solutions, IoT hardware, and TV-pausing shoes. We take pride in turning bold concepts into real-life creations. Together we delivered our clients results in prototyping, hardware development, manufacturing, computer vision, and software engineering, allowing us to create meaningful experiences. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and innovate, making technology a magical and accessible part of everyday life.

Image descriptions generated by OpenAI's GPT-4.

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GPT-4, the latest language model from OpenAI, is capable of describing images. This technology has the potential to make content more accessible. Check out how AI describes images below with minimal prompts. I only asked the algorithm to move past its limitations in describing humans by emphasizing the purpose was to aid the visually impaired.

Speaking at Creative Tech Week
AoE Office at Newlab in Brooklyn
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A panel discussion on a stage with a large screen displaying topics under "Area of Effect", including "Machine Learning", "Code Literacy", "Rapid Prototyping", and "Robotics". Two individuals at a table in the foreground are engaged in an arm wrestling match, while others watch. There is a podium labeled "NEXT" to the left.

Editor's note: this was a panel discussion for Creative Tech Week. Carrie and Bruno (AoE Co-Founders) are playing an interactive arm wrestling game that was built by their students at SVA MFA IxD.

A modern workspace illuminated with pink and blue lights. The space features multiple desks equipped with computers, monitors, and large adjustable desk lamps. Above, shelves display various equipment and gadgets. The ambiance is techy and vibrant, with a combination of exposed ceiling structures and sleek design elements. Editors note: The AoE office at Newlab.

Echo work in progress with TouchDesigner
Echo work in progress
Meta Computer Vision enabled interactive wall
Meta interactive wall work in progress
Newlab Intensive IoT workshop
Newlab IoT board
Interactive Kia for NYT
Custom made sensors
NYT Kia Harmonize Event
Pie Tops II Hardware
Pie Tops II
Newlab yearly party
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A person with pink hair is seen from behind, focused on a computer monitor that displays a software interface with various nodes and a timeline. The workstation is cluttered with equipment, cables, a notebook, and a large cylindrical container with colorful designs. In the background, a spacious room features the same elegant chandelier from the previous image, illuminating the "The Samuel and Althea Stroum Lobby" sign on the wall. The atmosphere suggests a behind-the-scenes look at a technical or production setup.

A spacious, modern lobby with high ceilings. The area is illuminated by a large, intricate chandelier. A geometric art installation adorns one wall, while an elevator bay labeled "A B C" is visible to the left. In the foreground, a small group of individuals sits at a table, working on laptops. They are surrounded by large, potted green plants and a decorative white column. The polished gray floor extends throughout, with a noticeable orange extension cord running across it. The setting evokes a sense of contemporary design and functionality.

An expansive, modern interior space with a high white ceiling fitted with recessed lighting. A large, digital display mounted on a wall showcases a captivating blue-toned image of what appears to be a cosmic phenomenon or abstract art. Adjacent to the display is a large, spherical white pendant light. The environment conveys a sense of modern design combined with technological elements.

An indoor setting featuring a series of digital screens arranged in a grid on a wall. The screens display a combination of abstract graphics, the words "Storytelling goes here", and the "Meta" logo. On the right side of the image, attendees, including a prominently visible woman with long hair, mingle around high-top tables. The space appears to be a contemporary event or showcase area, with overhead rigging and dimmed atmospheric lighting, creating an ambiance suitable for networking or presentations.

A computer monitor displays a software interface with a grid layout. The screen showcases a series of nodes and pathways, indicative of a flowchart or data processing diagram. To the left, there's a colorful silhouette of a person rendered in a gradient of colors. Above the screen are two webcams mounted on top of the monitor. The table below has a branded "VIOTEK" curved monitor, a mechanical keyboard, and some stationery items, including pens and notepads. The workspace suggests a tech-driven environment, possibly related to data visualization or digital art.

The image captures an indoor setting, likely a workshop or seminar. The focus is on two presenters: a man standing near a podium and a woman who is addressing the audience. While it may appear the woman is holding an item, it's actually a screen or projection behind her that creates this illusion. The audience is attentively listening, seated at tables equipped with laptops and other materials. The setting has a modern ambiance with tall windows that let in natural light, and the room is adorned with dark curtains. The scene conveys a sense of professional engagement and active learning.

The image portrays an indoor setting with an industrial or modern aesthetic, evident from the metallic structure of the ceiling and the large windows. In the foreground, a hand is prominently displaying an electronic circuit board labeled "NEWLAB." Various components and text are visible on the board. In the blurred background, you can see circular light fixtures glowing in colors of orange, white, and blue. Partially obscured behind the hand, there appears to be a woman with blonde hair. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a tech workspace or innovation hub.

The image displays an indoor setting, possibly a garage or workshop, with an industrial and rustic ambiance. The main elements include:

  1. A white Kia car is parked within the space, facing the camera. Its design and details, such as the grille and headlights, are clearly visible.
  2. In the foreground, on a wooden table, there are black metallic pieces arranged in a particular pattern. These pieces seem to be some sort of fixtures or parts, each mounted on white boards.
  3. The walls of the space appear worn and aged, with patches of white paint chipping away. Several boarded-up windows and an old electrical setup can be seen on the walls.
  4. The floor is concrete with visible wear, and there's a number '5' painted or marked on it.
  5. Various hoses and cables are scattered around the periphery of the room.

Overall, the atmosphere suggests a space used for automotive or mechanical work, possibly for customizations or repairs.

Top-down view of a wooden workshop table scattered with crafting materials such as wire, tools, frames, and a person's hands working on a project on the right. There are snacks, a bottle of water, and a cup of coffee among the items.

An illuminated event setting featuring a white car surrounded by individuals interacting with dynamic light patterns projected onto the floor and vehicle. One person is reaching out to touch a vibrant light pattern on the car's hood, creating a tactile and visual experience.

The image showcases a vibrant red electronic circuit board placed atop a Technics 1200 turntable with a reflective black surface. At the center of the board, there's a unique silver metal clip resembling a stylized face or mask, which appears to serve as an attachment or connecting mechanism. The board is populated with various small surface-mounted components, including resistors and capacitors. A notable black integrated circuit (IC) chip is labeled "1501C ASGOT." Printed white text on the board reads "PIZZA TOPS IR AREA OF EFFECT," and a thin red and black wire emerges from one edge. The overall setting suggests a tech-oriented workspace or lab environment, further emphasized by a portion of a computer keyboard visible in the blurred background.

The image displays a pair of distinctive high-top sneakers resting on a table. These shoes are predominantly tan and have several unique design elements that tie them to the Pizza Hut brand. Notably, there's a round, red button-like emblem on the shoe's tongue displaying the classic Pizza Hut logo. Additionally, red tags bearing the "Pizza Hut" name are stitched just below the eyelets. The shoes are brand new, evidenced by the intact hangtag - a black tag with a bold red stripe, displaying a stylized "PIE TOPS" written on it.

Underneath the shoes, there's a vinyl or book cover that reads "DIAMOND LIFE" with a grayscale image of a person. Above the table, a black sticker with the text "A.R.T." adheres to the wooden edge, while in the background, a yellow tool or accessory box sits on a shelf. Various other items and a partial view of a screen or monitor can also be glimpsed in the background. The overall setting has an artistic, urban, and eclectic vibe.

An overhead view of a spacious industrial workshop captured by a Nest security camera. The room, with its stark white walls, displays signs of ongoing projects. Two individuals, one with long light-colored hair, sit back-to-back at a central table arrayed with computer monitors, electronic equipment, and miscellaneous items. The room is dotted with several tables holding a variety of tools, materials like foam and wood, and machinery. Against the far wall, a row of large, uniformly-sized boxes is neatly arranged. Scattered throughout the room are smaller boxes, a ladder, a trash bin, and other work-related items. In the middle ground, a series of robotic platforms, resembling small vehicles, are positioned, hinting at a tech-driven workspace. The floor exhibits markings and scuffs, evidence of the busy and dynamic nature of the projects undertaken in this space.

The image captures an atmospheric scene set in a dimly lit space, likely a club or event venue, bathed in purple lighting. In the foreground, a monitor branded "FEELWORLD" prominently displays the text "Area of Effect" in bold, white font against a gradient of blue, red, and black.

Behind the monitor, a DJ is at work, his silhouette contrasting against the vibrant backdrop. He's intently manipulating the controls of a Technics turntable, with his fingers deftly placed on a vinyl record, preparing or adjusting a track. The depth and angle of the shot blur out his facial features, emphasizing the motion and energy of the moment. The ceiling above reveals exposed pipes and structural elements, lending an industrial feel to the venue. In the background, indistinct figures can be seen, suggesting an audience or attendees of the event. The entire setting exudes a vibe of music, energy, and nightlife.