An image recognition iOS app and companion web site. You could take a picture of any page in the current issue of Vogue and the app would recognize it and display additional content if available. A custom CMS was built to associate pages with content.

Image descriptions generated by OpenAI's GPT-4.

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GPT-4, the latest language model from OpenAI, is capable of describing images. This technology has the potential to make content more accessible. Check out how AI describes images below with minimal prompts. I only asked the algorithm to move past its limitations in describing humans by emphasizing the purpose was to aid the visually impaired.

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This is a digital depiction, possibly a promotional graphic or advertisement, prominently featuring an issue of "Vogue" magazine. On the magazine's cover is a photo of the pop singer Lady Gaga. She has short, pastel pink hair and is gazing directly at the viewer. The headline on the magazine reads: "BORN THIS WAY LADY GAGA". Additional cover text mentions "574 Pages of SHOWSTOPPING SPRING FASHION" and details about various stories, including one about a mother's battle with food demons and another on a woman's 29 years in a cult.

To the left of the magazine cover, we see a simulated mobile screen displaying a shopping application. The app showcases a list of luxury items like the 'Silvana Handbag' priced at $1,870.00 and 'Fendi Fun' priced at $1,005.00. Each item has a small picture accompanying its description. Above this list, the app header shows a wireless connection icon, the time (10:30 AM), and a "Scan" button.

To the right of the magazine cover, another simulated mobile screen is partially visible. This one seems to be more focused on a list of spring favorites and has an interface for sharing these favorites.

Overall, the image appears to juxtapose the world of high fashion, as represented by the Vogue magazine, with modern e-commerce and mobile shopping experiences.

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The image is a collage that showcases four different sections of what seems to be a website dedicated to fashion, specifically associated with the brand "Vogue."

Top-Left Section:

  • This appears to be the homepage of "Vogue Wish List". The header showcases various options such as "Fashion," "Collections," "Parties," and "Culture."
  • Dominating the center of the section is an advertisement for "The iPhone App" which is labeled as the "Vogue Wish List". An iPhone mockup is presented with the app interface.
  • Below this, there's a "Most Wished For" section with thumbnails of various fashion items from brands like "Mulberry," "Nine West," "Ann Taylor," "Leona Edmiston," and "Vivienne Westwood."

Top-Right Section:

  • This section seems to be a user's personalized wish list page on the same "Vogue Wish List" platform. The header mentions "Vogue Wish List" and "Account Settings."
  • A sidebar to the left contains sections named "My Lists," "My Want List," and "Gifted Products."
  • The main content area displays various fashion items grouped under categories like "Fall Neutrals," "Winter Favorites," "Gifts for Sarah," and "Fall Semester Wardrobe."

Bottom-Left Section:

  • This is a detailed view of a specific fashion item. The product is from "Nine West" and is a purse in a blush pink color. It has a metal floral closure and a chained handle. There are product details mentioned alongside options to "BUY," "ADD TO WISH LIST," "SHARE," and "PIN."

Bottom-Right Section:

  • This section represents the footer of the website. It's black and displays a list of options under different headings like "Brands," "Vogue Wish List," "Collections," "Parties," and "Culture."

Overall, the collage represents different functional areas of a fashion-focused e-commerce and wish list platform under the Vogue brand.